Kleine fabriek introduces new areas and platforms

May 14, 2014

kleine fabriek areas

kleine fabriek approaches the 19th edition  on 6 & 7 July 2014 in the Amsterdam RAI, kleine fabriek has thoroughly revamped what it has to offer once again. The kleine fabriek team has taken another close look at the combination of participating brands brought together within our areas and platforms. They have been given a fresh new layout, which is dynamic and allows brands to be presented in a range of different contexts. A layout which essentially reflects recent developments in the retail sector. The new layout is divided into three strong, recognisable areas which in turn are home to a selection of refreshing platforms.

The summer edition of kleine fabriek will be a surprising experience for every visitor. A fresh perspective brings with it the discovery of lots of new things, and that’s exactly the energy that we aim to create!

new areas
Most of the brands on offer fall within one of the areas at the trade show. This is the new layout:

BLOCK is the new area for the coolest of fast moving children’s and teen fashion brands, both casual and denim. Brands include Replay, Gsus, Tumbl ‘n Dry, Molo, Retour and Geisha. The new, lower stands give BLOCK a more transparent, dynamic look and feel.

FAME presents kleine fabriek’s savviest zone for the high-end, destination, flagship and curated stores kind of junior fashion labels. Typical FAME brands are: IKKS, Oilily, Cakewalk, Moodstreet, Bomba, Fun&Fun, z8, Eleven Paris, American Outfitters, Unisa and Småfolk

OBJECT (without the + from now on) will simply be continuing in the same familiar name: the area for brands that jazz up juniors’ entire ‘kit and caboodle’, from play to props and interior, everything other than the wardrobe. You’ll find brands here such as Souza, Happy Horse, Jellycat, Koeka and Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires.

new platforms
Within the areas, kleine fabriek has created special platforms for even more specific market categories:

GAME ON is the brand new platform for street style champions: junior sports apparel and footwear. Converse and Majestic have already booked; based on the enthusiastic responses, many more rugged and athletic top brands are sure to follow.

PEEK is the new STA(I)RS, a ‘smart starter platform’ for new entrants or brands with a small collection, like Donsje, Yporque, House of Jamie, Jan van Trier and Emile et Ida. The PEEK platform has also been redesigned. The best place to make a good first impression!

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