Playtime Paris goes anti-establishment

December 5, 2014

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As you know, Playtime Paris always invites artists to create unique trend spaces. This time these will be centered around the theme Parlor Games.

Hélène Barrier is the invites artist for the children’s trend space: “There’s a genuine aspiration today to go back to our roots. We’re looking to reconnect with nature and human values. Seeking simplicity, humility and authenticity is becoming a point of honor. Our children are becoming neo-farmers, pioneers of a new society in which collaboration and sustainability are favored. We seek natural materials, minimalist
shapes and ancestral know-how.”

Sophie Cuvelier is responsible for the second trend space, presenting “Welccome to the club.You need a password to get into the very private club of the 1%. In this club, members flaunt the codes of opulent luxury without a second thought and at no price do they want to resemble the hoi polloi. Chic is handed down like a heritage. The 1% gather at coming-out parties and rallies, where they indulge in the latest line dance. They are snobs and so very proud of it! ”

Lucie Vanderelst is breaking the rules “Young innovators are shaking up the establishment. Their rebellion is organized with humor. They stick out their tongues at good manners. A keyboard is their weapon and they “like” anything that challenges the status quo. Snap-back caps and sneakers are the new uniform. Our modern rebels broadcast revolutionary slogans on their t-shirts. The street is their soapbox.”

trends PTP

In the maternity area, The Game… of role-playing  is pconcepted by Carlin style agency  “A new order” for future parents! Be it nuclear, re-constructed or single parent, the family model has evolved and the roles have been tweaked. New “role-playing” games spring up well before the birth: the future father gets more involved in the pregnancy while the future mother wishes to stretch out her social and active “life before” as long as possible.”

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The ShowStyleKids visual report of the last edition of Playtime is available here in our DOWNLOAD area.

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